Huge asshole

huge asshole

Well, it's no surprise: I mean, you're a huge asshole.' 'Thanks.' 'So let's find out how huge an asshole you can get. How huge an asshole you can be.' 'Thank you. “Messing with me.” “Kind of.” “You're an asshole. A huge asshole who I don't appreciate. Just leave me alone.” “A huge asshole, as compared to a small one? The only towel left in the room that wasn't draped over the huge pool of rum puke. -—Stole what? —Almonds, asshole. That's what you're asking, right?

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We'll never post without your permission. Long ago, while he was still in public denial, Lance Armstrong said that he was the target of a witch hunt. The Empire Chronicles Books We are not a society that tolerates people who are both successful AND are jerks about it. You're gonna be huge , kiddo, and I'm gonna be the asshole that walked away from you. Colombian with huge ass 1. huge asshole

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